I bought this because the author talks about systematically offloading mental work to external systems. Disappointingly, he doesn’t actually go into much detail about this. In recent news articles he says he is willing to describe internal tools, but not to release any of the algorithms or details that make them work.

Extractable ideas:

This seems to be a method for exporting expert intuition into a form where it can be examined, debugged and shared. Not an argument for pushing decisions into black boxes.

The author suggests doing this not just for numerically-supported decisions, but for personal and organizational principles in general.

The rest of the book is a collection of the principles that the author exported in this fashion. The life principles are unsurprising (to me) and also quite general/vague - not supporting easy behavior change. I only skimmed the work principles, but I would definitely revisit them if I was starting a company or research group.